Sustain and Develop, 306090 13
Joshua Bolchover, Jonathan D. Solomon, editors
September 2009, 306090 Books

The 13th volume of 306090 investigates the contradictory yet potentially productive tension between our drive to develop and our growing knowledge and emerging concern that such unregulated growth is eroding the natural ecology in which we live. We are continually confronted with the knowledge of our own destructive potential and the unknown unquantifiable revenge that nature will undoubtedly seek, while the wonders of modern life gleam on the horizon for a world population of whom for the first time over half live in cities.

How can architects confront either of these courses within the paradox that any mark in the ground will inevitably disrupt a natural ecology?

306090 13 re-examines the premise of the first definition of sustainable development from the United Nations Brundtland Report of 1987 defining sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Is such a position tenable? Is the standard it implies sufficient to guide our work? How can developing countries undergoing rapid urbanization processes, particularly in Asia, be brought actively into the debate? How can developed countries with their own post-industrial landscapes and shrinking populations adapt to a redefined global economy?

Rather than take a one-sided position 306090 13 provides a forum to investigate sustainability and development and their relationships to one another from every angle. We eschew established definitions and polemics in favor of active investigations into current development models, ecological strategies, site specific examples of the tension between development and sustainability, and the philosophical and theoretical context underpinning both terms.

306090 13 explores emerging conditions and other focus areas such as greenwash branding; governmental policy; carbon trading; techno-agriculture; grass roots versus top down tactics; innovation and technology; and the aesthetics and culture of sustainability.

Sustain and Develop, 306090 Books Vol. 13
Sustain and Develop, 306090 Books Vol. 13


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